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DS: closet cleaning part two!!

Feed back:
All measurements are taken with garments laid flat
US buyers preferred
My home is smoke free, but I do have one cat
Once again, please disregard the dates on the photos-- they are incorrect (I really should figure out how to change that >.<)
Sorry, but I don't do returns

 Mr. Pumpkin Toes Bear is my proof for a couple of my pictures, but the rest without him I took later and forgot to add him. Please don't hesitate to request another picture with my proof if you prefer.

1. Rare Editions purple sleeveless sailor dress-- SOLD

2. XOXO brand ruffle blouse

ruffle detail (that grey thing is my camera strap. sorry about that)

underneath one of the folded cuffs, there are a few very faint stains. you cannot see them when the cuffs are folded and are rather unnoticeable anyway. the stain is shown here, around the first button.

Price: $12 shipped
Arm lenth (from the shoulder to the bottom of the folded cuff): 24"
Waist: 28"
Size medium

3. Liz Claiborne high heel mary janes (black)

Price: $30 shipped. Most of the price is for shipping since they are heavy.
Size 6 1/2 M
The inside of the soles are 24cm.

4. Black kisslock purse with metal chain-- SOLD

Thank you for looking! Be sure to check out my first post (posted July 3rd), I still have some lovely things left!
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