Jenii (iamjenii) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AatP Ansie/Annsea OP in BLACK ONLY or similar styled dresses

I've come to an emergency need-of-garment for a meetup next Thursday. I am desperately searching for Alice & the Pirates' Ansie/Annsea OP in BLACK ONLY. US sellers take priority since this is a time sensitive purchase.

The dress should fit a 34in bust & 28in waist.

I can offer $150USD shipped for it (Priority Mail please!) as that is what I've seen good/new-like dresses of this model go for around the comm. The dress would also need to be in a fairly decent condition as well.

I will also consider similar style JSKs/OPs if you can offer them in the same color/price range. I will also consider skirts as well. Something of a simple design tilting towards the gothic end (more romantic/less cutesy) would be optimum.

I need this by next Wednesday/Thursday (7/13 ~ 7/14)  at the latest! Please help a gal out ;_; Thanks in advance!

My feedback for reference:
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates
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