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DS! Offbrand skirts and boots! AFC!

• Shipping from Leeds, UK.
• My home is smoke free.
• I have a cat, but she’s not allowed near my clothes—but in case you have allergies, the warning’s there.
• All prices/payments in GBP/£.
• I only accept PayPal.
• Feedback here: aoishinju
• Measurements were all done by me, so they may be a little off.
• If I over-estimate the shipping cost, I'll refund the difference (but I've tried to get them as accurate as possible).

Hello everyone~ I'm having a bit of a hard time with money at the moment so I've decided to take a break from Lolita (;_;) and sell some of my least-used pieces while I'm still looking for work. I also have art for commission, details at the bottom if anybody's interested!  

Black & White Handmade skirt
Waist – 25"+ 
Length – 20"
Gorgeous classic design on a handmade skirt (not made by me). It also has hidden pockets sewn into the seams!
£10. Shipping to UK £4, Europe £5, everywhere else £7.

Butterfly Jewel skirt

High-waisted ivory skirt with a butterfly and jewels print, and eyelet lace to trim. Has a zip at the back and a shirring panel at each side.
£15. Shipping to UK £4, Europe £5, everywhere else £7.
New Look Blue Flower skirt
Black with a print of grey and blue roses.
£5. Shipping to UK £4, Europe £5, everywhere else £7.  
Victorian Boots
 Size UK 5.
Black, calf-high, leather Victorian boots. Only been worn a handful of times.
Bought for £90, I'm asking £50.
Shipping to UK £7, Europe £10, everywhere else £20.
 Examples of my illustration style can be seen here.
(Prices have been revised)
 One A5 print of your commissioned illustration - £10
Two A5 commissions - £15
Any more/other sizes can be negotiated.
All printed on glossy paper, signed and dated.
5 slots (1 filled)

Older sales:

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