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DS/DA: Moitie, BPN, AP & Cornet clothes, BtSSB and offbrand accessories! Go ahead, make me an offer!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

First, some rules and regulations:

- I will only take Paypal.
- You can send me the money as a gift, if you want to avoid the fee, but I know that leave you with no buyer protection.
- I live in Japan, but on a Navy base, so I will be shipping USPS & will choose the fastest, cheapest way to get it to you.
- I will ship internationally, but I am unable to provide a tracking number for it. I can, however, insure the package for an added fee.
- I am willing to hold items for 48 hours!
- Haggle with me if you want! Most of these items are OBO.
- My feedback is here: and here:

If you want more pictures, detailed sizing, etc., feel free to ask!


I was lucky enough to pick up a summer lucky bag, but unlucky enough to discover this lovely dress (which I believe is a lucky bag exclusive) doesn't fit me. I tried it on only once, so it's completely NWT! It says "Size 2" but it's far too big for me around the bust. I can take more precise measurements if you need me to!

Details: 1 2 3

The tag says it would retail at 34000円, which at the current exchange rate is about $420. I'll sell it for $375, OBO!

This is apparently a shawl! It was also in the lucky bag. It's LONG. You can see the top of my foot in this picture, and in comparison to this item, my foot seems mighty tiny. The fabric is really awesome, though, as you can see here. NWT

The tag indicates that the original retail price was 14700円 (about $180). I'll sell it for $100! OBO

This lovely skirt... I'm torn about parting with it, because it's really nice -- but I haven't worn it and I'm just not sure I'll ever wear it, so I'd love to see it go to a good home. It has an overskirt that's open in the back attached to it, and it comes with extra buttons. It's also quite long, so it's good for any tall lolitas out there! It's also NWT.

Retailed for 31290円 (about $390), and I'll sell it for $350. I don't think I'll be willing to haggle so much on this one, as I'll take it as a sign to keep it if no one wants it.



Laid down
Bent back

This bow is a head-eating bow. It's SO big. I put my 15" Macbook Pro in the photo so you could compare the length. It's seriously over a foot long! I got it in a lucky bag, and thought I could eventually wear it, but nah, it's just too big for me. Bows like it retail for around 4410円 (about $55), it's yours for $40, OBO! NWOT





From the same lucky bag. This shirt is pretty cool, but I don't think I'll wear it it. NWT, Tag says it retailed at 8820円 (about $110) and I'll sell for $65, OBO!



Detail 1 Detail 2

I put these up for sale once before but nobody bought 'em. They say they're a size "medium", but that's pretty vague. The waist is 14.5" across flat. NWT, retailed at 15120円 (about $185), make me an offer! I kinda just want them off my hands because they don't fit. :(


Angelic Pretty

This is an old, old Angelic Pretty dress. It's nice and simple, and the waist is at least 28" and the bust is corsetted so you can make it tighter or looser. I got it secondhand and there's nothing wrong with it that I can tell, besides maybe smelling a little musty (I'll pack it with some Febreeze sheets and maybe that'll help!). It doesn't really match anything in my wardrobe, though, so I'm willing to sell it for $80 shipped. You can make me an offer, though!




This was one of my first Lolita purchases, and... I really should have tried it on before I bought it! It ended up being too big in the bust (a running theme, I suppose... *sigh*). It's about 45 centimeters across flat. The lace is really cute and floral, though, and it'd be a great starter piece! Selling for $75, shipped. NWOT






Thanks again for looking!! <3
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