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WTB: Angelic Pretty skirts/parka/purse & Emily Temple shoes/JSK

Hello there, and thanks so much for looking!
~Below is a list of items I am looking to purchase, and would very much appreciate the help finding^-^

♥ Shipping to the US
♥ I pay via paypal
♥ Please include paypal/shipping fees with offers
♥ Proof photos are appreciated :)

* Used items are totally cool as long as they have come from a loving home :]
** I'm currently working on building my lolita wardrobe, so I am only looking to purchase for now.. as I don't really have anything I would be able to trade at the moment anyway^.^;;

feedback page: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1390727.html

Emily Temple:

#1 Glittery Shoes (in BROWN, BLUEnot shown,
or SILVER/BLACKi'm not sure what to call this color^^;;)
US 9/ JAPN 25

#2 Macaroon Print JSK (in BROWN)

Angelic Pretty:

#3 Girl Scalloped Parka (in BLACK)

#4 Bubbles Skirt (in MINT)

#5 Girl Ribbon Jacquard Scalloped Skirt (in BLACK)

#6 Moon Night Story Shoulder Bag in LAVENDER or BLACK (not looking for replicas at the moment) FOUND :]

Thanks a bunch in advanced :3!!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, emily temple cute
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