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DS/DT: Some brand for small purses - IW JSK, skirt, blouse, Meta JSK, Baby JSK, AatP JSK-Set

 Some information:

- I'm located in Germany.
- Trades are welcome. Please note for trades, that I'm only interested in Gothic Lolita, Classic Lolita, Aristocrat and Boystyle items. So feel free to post your offers via pm or comment. :) I don't have a special wish list, but I'm very interested in long versions of JSKs, Skirts, OPs and I will also take a look at classic style blouses and accessories. 
- I accept Paypal.
- The prices are in Euros, please convert them by yourself.
- Shipping is not included. Inside Europe I will ship with Hermes shipping service, therefore you'll have insurance and tracking. I have no experience in shipping overseas, so I'll first have to look into it, if I have to.
- Paypal fees are also not included.
- No returns, funds, etc. and I'm not responsible for lost or broken packages, if you want to have your items sent without tracking and insurance!
- I have two cats. They are not allowed to go into my bedroom, where all my clothes are stored inside my closet. Unfortunately I can't prevent their hairs from coming into my bedroom. I will clean all clothes before sending them to their new owner.
- Please note that I'm an employed engineer. Therefore I work over the day and I have no access to livejournal while I work (lj is blocked by the companys firewall). It's possible that you'll have to wait a while before I can get back to you.
- My feedback site: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1000914.html
- Proof-Bunny: 

Metamorphose Romantic train in pink SOLD!

I bought this JSK from Closet Child some time ago. I wanted to try Sweet Lolita, but unfortunately I'm just not the type for such sweet prints (I'm feeling just a little bit too old for this). Only tried on once after receiving it.
Measurements (flat measured):
Bust: ~41 cm + (the JSK has shirring in the back)
Waist: ~35 cm +
Lenght: 96 cm
The bow on the front and the pink ruffle hem are detachable. Condition of the JSK: no stains or damages
Price: 75€

Innocent World Band of the Forest Skirt in sax  SOLD!

This skirt was inside of a Lucky Pack from IW. Well... I was not so happy about it, but my boyfriend had a good laugh. Only tried on once. Did I mention that I'm not so into Sweet? ;)
Measurements (flat measured):
Waist: 30-34 cm
Length: 55 cm
Condition: only tried on, no stains or damages
Price: 75€

Some knee high socks - all of them were never worn:

Left: Innocent World Fruit Knee High Socks - Price: 12€ SOLD!
Middle: White Secret Shop Knee High Socks - Price: 5€ SOLD!
Right: Pink Secret Shop Knee High Socks - Price: 5€ SOLD!

Innocent World Blouse Size S in black SOLD!

The Blouse was worn only five times. Unfortunately the sleeves just don't fit me. At the backside of the collar are some stains, that didn't go off after washing the blouse, but they are not visible as long as you wear the collar the right way. I think (I'm not sure) I got them on the collar while ironing the blouse and there were some residues from a t-shirt print left on the iron. -.- The blouse comes with waist ties.
Detail of stains:

Measurements (flat measured):
Bust: 42 cm
Waist: 35 cm
Length: 50 cm
Length of Sleeves: 57 cm
Condition: three small stains at the backsite of the collar, no damages
Price: 45€

Baby the Stars Shine Bright black JSK SOLD!

I bought this JSK 2nd Hand. I only wore it 3 times since then at work without petticoat, cause the JSK with petticoat is just a little bit too short on me. I don't have waist ties for this one. The previous owner didn't sent them to me.
Measurements (flat measured):
Bust: 41 cm +(has shirring in the back which stretches the back about 8 - 10 cm more)
Waist: 37 cm +
Length: 90 cm
Condition: no stains or damages
Price: 100€

Innocent World Mini Rose JSK in wine - SOLD!

I bought this JSK of a user of this comm. The JSK is wonderful and a perfect warm autumn and winter piece, cause its made out of velvet. Unfortunately the dress is to short on me. I only wore it two times at work without petticoat. :(
Measurements (flat measured):
Bust: 42cm + (there is some shirring at the back)
Waist: 40cm +
Length: 90cm
Condition: no stains or damages
Price: 100€

Alice and the Pirates Lace JSK Version II set
in wine SOLD!

Bought this also 2nd hand. The print is really beautiful, but unfortunately I'm just not the type for Babydoll-JSKs and it's a bit too short on me too. >.< The JSK comes with the matching headbow and rose-pin.
Measurements (flat measured):
Bust: 48cm (no shirring)
Underbust: 38cm (my underbust is 75cm and it fits good, but I don't think much more will fit comfortably)
Length: 90cm
Condition: no stains or damages
Price: 120€

Fan+Friend Blouse with detachable sleeves in white size lady 85

Bought from F+F. Only tried on once, never worn cause I trade the JSK, which was supposed to go along with the blouse. I took off some of the satin bows at the collar, cause there were just too much bows for my taste. >.< 
Measurements (from F+F):
Bust: 96cm
Waist: 76cm (there is lacing at the back to make it smaller)
Condition: no stains or damages
Price: 35€

Please feel free to ask questions. :)
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, fanplusfriend, innocent world, metamorphose, secret shop
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