sukoshi00 (sukoshi00) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT! Angelic pretty tea party

Hi everyone

I recently bought a pair of Angelic pretty tea party in size M, but when I got them I realized that they were to big TT_TT so I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who wants to trade a size S to M!

note: I dont want to trade for ss tp's, I want to trade for another pair of AP tp's

I dont have much feedback yet, since I'm pretty new:

I want to trade these

more pics - follow the link:

I want to trade for one of these in S (I prefer white or pink, but I might be intrested in other colors)

I do want to se pics, so I can be sure they're AP and not Sercret Shop
I also want your shoes to be in good condition, since mine have only been worn 2-3 timed by me and 1 time by the first owner, so 3-4 in total...

(sorry for my english, I'm not native speaking :S )

please tell me if I forgot to write something, and please ask questions!
Tags: !dt, angelic pretty
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