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Ds/Dt: Innocent World Antique book bag, fur collar.

  Rules of Trade/ Purchase:

   *I ship from London, England.
*Please pay with Paypal only
*I will ship my items as securely as possible, but after the items are out my hands it's not my responsibility for any loss or damage during shipping.
My feedback is here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/653231.html it is 100 % positive
*Please, please make sure to respond with payment up to 3 days after invoice! If not please contact me asap!
* If I decide to trade I need at least 2 forms of proof of item, sorry for being over cautious!

First item: 

Antique book bag in chocolate brown. I am selling this is absolute pristine condition. It hasn't even been taken out of the house. It has plastic on the handles still and the paper stuffing still inside. This reflects the price, and if I decide to trade I would expect an item with the same condition.




   The note that came with the bag.


  Side view of the bag, it's very lovely in real life.


The print on the bag is beautiful , and as you can see the tags with the price are still attached and the handle has protective plastic on them.


   The back pocket has an adorable heart shaped puller just like the top. The back pocket can fit your keys and such.


Close up of the tags, this item will be coming to you with the tags intact!   


Inside the bag still has original stuffing.  Can fit a fair number of things in it, a book and your necessities. 


  The shoulder straps still in the packaging. So you can wear it over your shoulder or as a handbag.


Full view-

    2. Handmade fur collar-


   I made this cute little fur collar with winter in mind, haha. It's made with soft faux fur in a subtle cream colour. Lined with soft silk and adorable handmade pom-poms on the end of a long string of light blue ribbon. I can make more of these, just ask! This is to be worn snuggly around the neck or over a coat!

£15 + shipping! I  have a worn pic just ask!

Thanks and happy  buying! 
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