chandni_sky (chandni_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Pink,White or Blue Socks, Blouses, Curly Wigs (split or natural)

My Feedback: Click Here
Location: NC
Payment: Paypal (please be aware that I will need to transfer the agreed amount into my paypal account first).
Shipping: If shipping from within the states, I would like shipping confirmation. (I'd like to get it before the End of July, as I'd like to wear my new items to Otakon. )
My sizing info: US size S to M. B: 34, W: 25

I am looking for any of the following:  
 +Pink x Blue OTK's (pink or blue base)
+White OTK's with pink or blue designs
+Knee High is also fine

+ In any color other than black. Primarily looking for white.
+ Preferable short sleeve.
+ Deteachable is okay as well.

Edit: Added --> Wigs: 
+ Naturally colored split wig w/bangs  - or wigs with one natural color x one odd color
+ I'd look at any color combo, though
+ Short curly wig w/bangs

Thank you! (And "thank you" for the moderation assistance ~!)
Tags: !wtb

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