sodapop_wolves (sodapop_wolves) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Something from Within Europe! (Found! Thanks!)


 My EGL Feedback:


Okay, so this is a bit of an odd request, but I'm looking for a gift for a Swedish loli friend of mine, but it needs to be something already within the EU, so she won't have to pay customs charges on her gift. The last few times I have sent her gifts (even marked down and marked as a gift) she has still had to pay customs fees :c and it kind of spoils the whole point. 

Anyway, I'll take a look at anything, just link to your sales post or PM me the item you have for sale ^^. Her wardrobe is mostly black and white, and sort of gothic/punk so anything that would fit into that shall get priority.


Tags: !wtb, any brand, offbrand

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