majipan (majipan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Wtb! Black Blouse & Shoes, pink rhs

Hello everyone :)
I'm currently looking for some items, so if you have one of those listed, please contact me <3
*I'm located in Germany
*Payment via Paypal
*European sellers prefered, will look at international as well, please give me a shipping rate :)
*Feedback is here

This is what i'm looking for:

~ A black Blouse, will look at brand and offbrand :) Has to fit a 96 cm Bust, though
  (I'd love to buy the black blouse of the recent meta lucky packs, if possible)

~ simple Black shoes, without high heels, please :3 Secret Shop, Bodyline or Antenna is fine (Size L)

~ pink rhs with ribbons <3

If you're looking to sell any of these, please comment below or send a pm with your price and details :) Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, bodyline

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