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DS: Lucky Pack sales

I just got my lucky packs and was only moderately lucky <3
I only like to ship within the US. People who can pay within the day get priority.
Here is my feedback page. I have made successful sales, but no one has left me feedback yet.
I'm located in Alabama, in the US.

Here are all the items for sale or trade. Please make an offer.
The pink and grey chiffon jsk is fully shirred with a three-tiered skirt and a slip. It has dots of glitter in it, too.
The white chiffon blouse has shirring in the back. It is the one everyone got. I can take a picture, but I didn't want to open it. This has never been tried on.
White pumpkin bloomers. They have lace at the bottom and are free-sized.
Black OTK socks with bows and cherries. They are really really cute, but I have nothing that goes with them. The print goes from bright pink to deep pink. This is what they look like from the front. I didn't try them on.
Black hair clip/pin. This would be good, and not only for lolita. Here is what it looks like up close. It's not shiny, I edited the picture so you can see the details. It has a small jewel that says "Metamorphose" on it, also.

For trades, I'm looking for the poodle set that came with this lucky pack and brand pink, white, and sax hair pieces. Offer other things, too, because maybe you have something I'd love. My bust is 36-37".
Tags: !ds, !dt, metamorphose

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