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DS - need money for my driving exam - AaTP, BOZ, BTSB and MHMH


I failed my driving exam for the second time and to reapeat it costs me 350€ - deadline is in 2 days - so i need to make that amount ASAP, i'm selling some of my brand and some other items are shown for offers, if i don't get what i need from the base ones i'll sell those to the best offer, so please do make offers, ask about items and don't be afraid to ask extra details,

BTSSB Black Coat

Contion: as pictured, it has no stains and its a worn item, i bought it from mbok and never wore it myself, payed 12000 yen + SS fees and shipping for it and i'd like to get that back, The fabric is like that, it is not in bad shape i just don't like it at all. It is VERY warm.

Measurements: It fits me at 98cm bust and 80 cm waist and those are max measurements, it will be ok for persons up to 10cm smaller than me thou :)

Price96€ + shipping

AaTP chain buquet skirt in beige/brown

Condition: perfect, i wore it once, no signs of wear

measurements: 68- 120cm waist , 46cm long

price: 100€ OBO + shipping

AaTP Chandelier Floky Skirt

Condition: perfect, worn twice, no signs of werar, still sparkly

measurements: 68-120cm

price: 100€ + shipping

Atlier BOZ long vest/JSK

Condition: i think i'm the third owner but i never used it since i bought it from my friend about a month ago, it no longer fits me int the bust and i hace another BOZ vest so i guessed i'd let this one go. preety much as new it onlt has some ironing marks in the top but i'm sure they come out.

Measurements: i'm a 97cm D cup and i can't close till the top so i advise it to persons with no more than 80-85 MAX rib cage and a bust no bigger than C-cup ; Waist 85cm max 65 min (ties in the back)

Price: 120€ + shipping

HMHM black blouse

condition: bought second hand worn a few times, has some wear marks but nothing that wont come out, haven't dry cleaned the buyer decides if i do it or if she/he rather doing it , i know many people is alergic to certain products.

measurements: preety big even on me i belive max is 90cm waist and 100 bust, has waist ties in the back min waist goes to 78cm

price: 20€ + shipping

Fantasy Sheep wig

condition: worn once during a few hours by me and once in a photoshoot by a friend, very good condition, it is very thick and the fibers are very sorft. it is also heat resistent but i never tested

measurements: 80cm long

price: 20€

PROOF of all items above:

Sales conditions:

- I'm selling to the frist one leaving they're paypal addres
- Take up to 4 usefull days to ship, but i'm ususally fast
- Shipping is not included
- I have cats
- i acept payments with paypal and european bank tranfer
- i ship both normal and tracked but it's up to the buyer to choose and i don't take responsability after it leaves my hands.

I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/448180.html  +36
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