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DS DT: Repost! Prices Reduced!

Terms & Conditions
-I’m shipping from Canada (so please keep that in mind when asking for shipping quotes.)
-All prices are in USD
-I only accept PayPal, buyer pays the fees. & For local Canadian's I will accept money orders.
-If you are not interested after questioning please Let Me Know.
-I reserve the right not to sell to users with negative feedback or neutral.
-Shipping is not included in the prices unless otherwise stated. & once the package leaves my hands I can not control if it is lost or damaged in the mail. I always mark full price on all packages I also mark them as "gifts"
-I don't mind holding as long as you are placing a non-refundable deposit on the item, this counts for any type of hold what so ever (too many drop outs).
-If there are more then one person interested in an item I will take the highest offer.
-I have a cat. He does not go in my closet but in case you have allergies you may want to be advised.
-Clearly No Refunds
-I have
68 Positive +
0 Neutral ~
0 Negative -
on the EGL Data Base for selling, buying, & trading.

If your interested in trading here is my wish list,
& My Size, 39inch bust 29-30inch waist. 24 Shoes size

Blond Wig
I Am the second owner of this wig. The bangs were cut by the first owner & they were cut very short as you can see. I was contemplating getting clip on bangs for it but didn't have time to find a perfect match. So I'm letting this go for in hopes someone else can get better use out of it sadly I don't remember how much I paid so feel free to make offers.
Price: $9.00usd 


BTSSB BlackxBlack Ear Muffs
I was after these for a while but I see now their just to sweet for me & I'm much to scared to rub make-up on the faux fur bunnies. I only wore them once for function they kept my ears very warm then stayed in my purse. I'm the second owner I believe the lace on the band has bent inwards a little bit which is common with the bunny earmuffs. Please ignore the errant hairs in the photos these are just coming out of storage from moving & will be cleaned & hair free for shipping.
Price:: $45.00usd


Patchy Mini Top Hat
A little mini top hat that can be used as a base for any creation or can stand by it's self as a basic mini top hat. It's made of a silk like fabric these pictures were taken with flash that's why it's very shines in the pictures. When I received this is had a cut out of the ribbon to lace it up. This doesn't truly effect the hat but it's something worth nothing there are also some "stress" lines from being flat packed into storage & one bit of pilling I couldn't capture, I'm the second owner to my knowledge & I have never worn it.
Height: 2.5"
Brim: 1.2"
Ribbon length: 27.2"
Price: $9.00usd


Alice Auaa Halter
Bought from the sales comm for an aristocrat outfit but this top doesn't flatter my body type. The halter has ruffle tulle polka dotted crinoline & green black feathers it is also detachable. The top is made from a very stretchy material but wouldn't recommend it for anyone over the recommended sizing.
Size: Bust 30" unstretched
Waist:: 27" unstretched
Length: 12"
Price: $50.00usd

With Out Collar
Collar Detail

Body Line Blouse (3L)
Bought directly from bodylines website once it was released. I never wore it since I thought it was just much to sweet for me to use in a gothic outfit. It's sat in my closet for about two years now so I'm letting it go to someone who will use it.
Size: Bust 40.55"
Waist: 35.43"

Price: SOLD


Faux Fur Stole

Bought from the comm last year but never had the chance to wear it since my new winter coat goes up to my neck.It's in perfect condition & made from very soft plush faux fur the inside of it is fleece very warm for cold windy days. It's fastens together with a sleeve of extra fleece for the other side of the stole to pass through so you can adjust it.
Length: 32.5"

Price: SOLD


IW Rose Ankels Knee High Socks Brown & Cream
Bought from chibi_tenshi  shopping service brand new with out tags. I have never worn these only tried them on, these were a second choice over another IW pair. But since I tracked my first choice down I can let these go.

Price: SOLD

With Out Flash

American Eagle Brown Ribbon Shoes

A very cute pair of off brand shoes, these are great if you have any issues walking in heels. I have only worn these shoes twice once for a short period of time & once for quiet a while & they were very comfortable both times I wore them. There is some creasing in the shoes that come natural to flat shoes but nothing to consider as damage just used.
Size: "7 Cad"   24' Length.
Price: $9.00USD

With flash

Secrect Shop Tea Party replicas Brown
Bought from Clobba but were to small for me so I have never worn them. I have only tried them on & put them back into the box. Im just looking to get back what I paid , Im also willing to trade these for another pair of brown shoes/boots in a size L (24.0)
Size: M (23.5)
Price: $44.00usd

Bottoms with flash


Both Mooks have their patterns attached or included & have only been thumbed through a few times & have only very slight wear on corners. I will give discount if you purchase both Mooks. Remember shipping is expensive since they are very heavy.

Price: SOLD

If you are in the US please let me know your State so I can calculate shipping.
For Canada I need your postal code.
International Your country.

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask. & if you feel prices are too high make me offer I will not be offended if it's within reason
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