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DT: Pettie Angel Blouse, Bodyline Crown Emblem Cardigan, MM Caldina Frill OP replica

Term of Trade! Please Read!

To all buyers with allergies, please be aware that I do own two dogs and a pair of love birds.
I will make sure all items are cleaned, pressed, and free of dog hair before shipping.

All sales and trades are final. No refunds or returns 
*only in case of extreme exceptions will this be exempt*


I will ship no later than 5 days after a trade is agreed upon.

I will ship USPS priority only within the US with a tracking number.
International will be first class mail international. Tracking included if available, will be provided.

I will not/can not be held responsible for any lost packages, sorry.
I will do my best to help locate any lost packages.


My feedback can be found here on egl feedback.

Other Information

My Measurements for reference:
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)
Hips: 88.9 cm (35inch)
Height: 162.56 (5'4'')

At this time I am looking to trade these items only at this time. I may consider offers on item in terms of selling if the price is acceptable.
In case of sale, please read my Terms of Sale here.

Please NO items that do not fit the classic style.
I may consider gothic style items as well.

Please offer items that are of equal value and quality.

When offering a trade, please provide the following:
Proof of ownership and stock photo if available, or a photo of the item being worn. *I may ask for one anyhow*
Measurements of the garment.
Your feedback.

Please also view my older trades/sales here: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/15359060.html


Petit Angel Blouse
In good condition with some slight wear around the button holes. Square neck design with a corset back to allow for different sizes.
This blouse is great for classic and gothic styles.

I will trade for another blouse, short or long sleeve with a classic cut and style.
Preferred colors are kinari/ivory, chocolate/brown, dusty pink.
I will also consider other classic items of equal value.

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 40.6cm (16inches) Min 33cm (13inch)
Waist: Max 35.6cm (14inch) Min 27.9cm (11inch)
Length: 50.8cm (20inch)

*Will post worn images tomorrow morning when I have natural sunlight*

Bodyline Crown Emblem Cardigan
In perfect condition with no flaws or damages. Currently sold out on BL site.
Would like to trade for a brown or kinari/ivory cardigan or bolero.
Or I would love to trade for one of these bl items:
In Grey colorway
In Brown, Grey, Purple or Sax colorway
In Beige or Wine (Will pay price difference)

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 41.9cm (16.5inch)
Waist: Max 38.1cm (15inch)
Sleeve Length:58.4cm (23inch)

MM Caldina Frill OP replica
Surprisingly wonderful quality and well made.
In perfect condition with no damages. Waist ties for size adjustment. Not lined.
I would like to trade for another classic jsk/op of equal value and of good quality.
I do not wish to trade it for another black jsk. I am looking to move away from black in my wardrobe and to keep it very limited.
Preferred colors are chocolate/brown, strawberry/maroon, greens, blues, or floral prints.

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 39.4cm (15.5inch)
Waist: Max 38.1 cm (15inch)
Length: 88.9cm (35inch)

*clearly stolen from MM. No maker stock or proof photos.*

*Is a true black color. Lightened here to see the details*


Tags: !dt, bodyline, offbrand

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