cocoa_sky (cocoa_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Candy Violet Cut&Sew, [Sold]

Payment: Paypal
Shipping from: Cary, NC

I am selling a used Candy Violet cut&sew I purchased off of the sales_comm. Unfortunately it didn't fit me so I am trying to find a new home for it. :) it really is a lovely design though.

When I examine it very closely there appears to be a tiny yellow dot marking on the bow of the cut&sew I was not aware of when purchased, but am making a note of here just in case. The color is a lovely cream, not white like in the pictures.

Measurements: the tag says XL and was listed up to 44" for bust&waist,
but I really only reccomend this for a S or M, or for a 34"-36" Bust. Anything else will stretch the print, sadly. Length is 24" from shoulder to hem when lain flat.

Price: 10 USD+Shipping (this includes the PP fee.)
Just looking to get out of it what I put in.

Once purchased, I should be able to ship out the cut&sew by Friday, July 8th, or at the latest, Sunday, July 10th.

Thank you and have a pleasant day!
Tags: !ds, candy violet

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