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DS: BTSSB OP, (repost) AP Tiara Rose SKIRT

Paypal only please!
+ Shipping is NOT included
+ Prices are in USD
+ I have feedback from ebay: robololi
+Pet Free Home!

Item #1:

Alice's Ribbon Kingdom Print OP (Pink)

$190.00 OBO
I am the first owner. I bought it at the BTSSB Opening in San Francisco.  It's a lovely print with a cute Alice in many different poses!  Front bow is detachable. Like new.

92cm length, 92cm bust, 72cm waist

Item #2

AP Tiara Rose Skirt in SAX COLORWAY
$100.00 OBO
I am the first owner. I bought it from the Angelic Pretty booth during Fanime 2010.  It has been worn just a couple times and hung in a closet mostly. Comes with detachable bow and waist ties.
It is very beautiful! Selling because I'm not a very casual person and I'd rather not keep skirts that I won't wear.

Proof: (Red Circle is to indicate very faint stain. You can't even see it in the pictures, and the skirt has been washed. The colors are not bled at all!!)

 46cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 63~73cm waist

Thank you very much!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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