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!ds: BtSSB Black JSK, Stationary Set, AP Postcard *!ALL SOLD!*

This is my first time posting something, let me know if I left anything out!

- I only accept paypal
- Prices are in USD
- I ship from California
- No dogs or cats (just a pet fish) and no smokers at my house
- Feedback page:
- I also have an Etsy page, where I will post handmade lolita items.
Now for the fun part! ^_^

~Black BtSSB Waist Ribbon Jumperskirt~
$180 or best offer
Shipping: $15 domestic, $40 international (refund if it turns out cheaper)
HelloLace Page
I bought this at Baby, but it's too big for me :(
Measurements from Hello Lace say 90cm (35in) long, 86cm (~34) bust, and 80cm (31.5in) waist.
My amateur measurements match that.
Has a removable panel behind the lace-up.
Still new, only tried on!


Side, with Flash

Hem Detail (looks lighter due to lighting)
Removable Front Top Panel

~BtSSB Stationary Set & AP Little Bear's Cafe Postcard~SOLD! :)
Selling together for $7
Shipping: $5 for domestic, $13 international (refund if it turns out cheaper).
I got the stationary set from a pack, but I won't ever use it. I took the top sheet out and it got soft creases, which are barely visible and not 'photographical'. I also used one of the stickers.
The original plastic that came with the stationary set got a ripped when I opened it to take the photos. I've taped it and it's fine.
I got the AP postcard from the Angelic Pretty store in San Francisco.
Comes with 10 sheets, 5 envelopes, 4 BtSSB stickers, & AP Postcard


Stationary Set is actually two sets!

Little Bear's Cafe Postcard

~Thanks for Looking!~

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