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DS-DT: Closet cleaning! First part!



-I´m from Spain all items are shipped here, shipping are calculated from the post office

-Payments only for paypal (+4%)

-My feedback here: 

-Prices in € (euros)



OP Baby the Stars Shine Bright:

Measuraments: asking for more exactly

Price: 100€


Offbrand dress:

Measuraments: Bust (75-80cm) Waist (80cm)

Price: 10€


Handmade dress:

Measuraments: Bust (75-80cm)Waist (80cm)




Qutieland cardigan:

Measuraments: Bust 70-85cm

Price: 20€


Offbrand cardigan:

Size: S

Price: 5€


Offbrand cardigan:

Size: L

Price: 6€



Taobao skirt:

Measuraments: waist (80-85cm)

Price: 18€


Offbrand Skirts:

Measuraments: waist 70-75cm (has shirring)

Come with a headbow

Price: 15€


Measuraments: Waist 70-80cm (It has shirring)

Price: 10€


Measuraments: Waist 70-75cm

Price: 10€


Measuraments: Waist 70-75 cm

Price: 15€


Handmade strawberry skirt:

Come with and corset underbust in red

Measuraments: Waist (80-85cm)

Price: 35€



Bodyline blouse:

Measuraments: Length 52cm
Bust 91cm
shoulder length 36cm
sleeve length 60cm
Waist 78cm

Price: 25€


Bodyline blouse:

Measuraments: M
Length 52.5cm
Bust 91cm
Waist 75cm
Shoulder width 34.5cm
Sleeve length 64cm

Price: 30€


Heart E pink:

Measuraments: 75cm (Bust)

Price: 10€




Queen of darkness underbust:


Price: 20€


Gothic seatbelt:

Price: 20€



Metamorphose totebag:

Price: 15€


Offbrand heart bag:

Price: 6€


Bodyline strawberry bag:

Price: 15€



RH red:

Size: 24cm

Price: 20€


TUK mary-janes:

Size: 36 EUR

Price: 40€




-Angelic pretty musical theme: 15€

-SS strawberry theme: 10€

-Offbrand socks: 6€





1.Ring apple: 2€
3.Tea cup: 3€
4.Apple: 3€
5.Macaroon: 4€


Bodyline tartan mini-hat:


If you have any question please asking!


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