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DS: Meta Lucky pack shirring jsk

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Payment: Paypal
Feedback: "jolarocknrolla" on ebay
buying/selling feedback on DOA, on LJ ... and now EGL Feedback

prices do not include shipping. shipping w/in the usa is $7.50 for priority mail w/ tracking. Outside of the usa it's $35 flat for ALL countries, this will include tracking and insurance up to $100.

I can do first class outside of the usa ONLY if you agree to send paypal payment as a personal gift - first class shipping will NOT have tracking. I will not be responsible for the packages arrival if you refuse to pay for the tracking/insurance. Please choose this option at your own risk.

Meta Lucky Pack jsk w/ full shirring (Just the jsk + satiny underskirt thing they sent with it). Worn once, not really something i'm in love with. $75+ shipping (If you want the little pink washcloth i'll send it w/ the jsk for free). Feel free to make an offer, i priced it as best as I could, the price listed is a BIN. I'd also be willing to swap for a different Meta fully shirred jsk. I love the floral one that some people are getting ...

Tags: !ds, *plus size, metamorphose
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