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DS/DT : White shoes ; Infanta cutsaw ; TP shoes ; BL Musical socks - some reductions

  • I ship from France. I have a dog but it doesn't touch to my clothes and I don't smoke.
  • I accept only Paypal : in € currency
  • I prefer to ship in Europe. I can ship overseas, but please understand that you will need to pay an higher price. 
  •  After the payment, I will ship during the week.
  • I am not liable for any lost or damages once the packaqe is shipped.
     My feedback page :

I would like to sale OR trade my items, if you want to trade, propose me.
Feel free to ask me any question !

White Montreal shoes, 23,5 cm :



                                                    Condition : Worn, in global good condition, but there are some defects on the heels of the
                                                    both shoes, and at the bottom of the both shoes.
                                        Price : 20€ 18€ + shipping
or trade

Bodyline musical white socks (more pictures later)

                                                    Condition : Good but some defects (pictures later).
                                                                      Price : 10€ + shipping

Infanta Cutsew :


                                                    Condition : Like new.
                                                                      I would like to trade for an other size or an other cutsew, because it's too big for me 
                                                     (size XL).

TP pink shoes Secret Shop

                                                    Condition : Like new.
                                                    The shoes are too small for me :(
                                                    I would like to trade with TP shoes, size 24cm or 24,5 cm.

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