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DS/DT: IW Cutsew (*BRAND NEW!*), BTSSB headdress, Meta headdress + socks


~A Few Things~
-all sales final
-paypal only
-prices include domestic shipping -- I live in the US (ask me about international shipping)
-I know there are a lot of NYC lolitas so if one of you doesn't want to pay the shipping price I can give the item(s) to you in person :)
-ask me if you have any questions about the items or if you want more pictures, etc
-I have cats

Open To Trades!
If you want to trade for any of the following items, that would be cool too :)
-IW Torchon Lace Plain Round Collar Blouse (white)
-lots of cute accessories!!!
-a number of other items which you can view here

On to the items!

#1: Innocent World Shoulder Ribbon Pullover (Blue) - $85 SOLD!
-brand new (w/o tags) - I literally just recieved it but it is a little small on me
-note that it is a little more of a peacock-color than a blue color
-since the fabric is stretchy it can stretch a bit more than the measurements listed, but here is what it says on IW's site:
Bust 84cm
Waist 74cm
Bodice length 48.5cm
Sleeve opening 24cm

#2: BTSSB Headdress (Sax) - $23
-I'm the second owner, so the bow ribbons are a little worn (see pics), but otherwise it is in very good condition


detail of the bow

detail of the middle

ribbon is frayed at the edge a little bit

#3: Metamorphose Headdress (White) - $23
-I'm the second owner, but I've only worn it once or twice, so it is still great condition


detail of the middle

detail of the bow

#4: Metamorphose Socks (Sax) - $15 SOLD!
-Worn only two or three times, so still in great condition. One of the bows fell off and I sewed it back on (see pics) but you can't really tell - in fact it took me a little while to figure out which one it was!

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