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DS: Leaving sweet lolita - rare AP prints

Terms of Sale:
* First buyer willing to pay full price gets priority
* I will consider holds and payment plans but only if nobody is willing to pay upfront within 48 hours of this sales post. Feel free to make me an offer ad I will consider it :3
* Paypal only please!
* Prices are in GBP (£)
* No trades at the moment, sorry ~
* My feedback is here:

I will be using Marie as my proof of ownership ^_^

1. Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Pink JSK and Headbow set:

Proof of ownership:

Price - £300 for the set
Just the JSK: £260
Just the headbow: £40

I'm the first owner and have only worn it twice, both pieces are in perfect condition. I would prefer not to split the set unless I can find a buyer for each.

2. Sugary Carnival (1st release) Sax Skirt

Proof of ownership:
Price: £170

This was bought on mbok but I received it in perfect condition and since then have only worn it once. Waist ribbon is detachable.

3. Little Bear's Cafe Mint Green JSK (Non high-waisted ver.)

Proof of ownership:
Price: £130

Another mbok buy, never worn by the first owner and only tried on very briefly by me.

4. Angelic Pretty Classical Champagne Skirt in Pink

Proof of Ownership:
Price: £130

Very rare piece, only worn once by me, perfect condition. The pearl chain is detachable.

5. Fantastic Dolly Lavender Headbow
Price: £40
I'm selling just the headbow on its own, not interested in selling the JSK at present. This was worn once (over a wig) and shows no signs of wear.

6. MintyMix Lavender and Pink Split Wig
Price: £25
Only tried on once briefly, very good condition :)

Please feel free to ask questions, I have to go to work now so I may not reply for a few hours, please leave a paypal address if you are a confirmed buyer :)

Thank you!

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