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WTC/WTT: Black and/or Navy Blouse

My wardrobe is really lacking when it comes to blouses. Therefore I am looking to commission a Navy and/or a Black blouse

I want them to be sort sleeved, with a high collar. it would also be nice if they had a bib but not necessary.
The fabric has to be cotton, no polyester or poly-cotton mix, or maybe chiffon

Examples of designs that I like:

I love the transparent sleeves in this one


This is the kind of collar and shape of blouse that I want

Something like this in Navy x Other color would be nice too


Examples with bib

So if you are a lovely seamstress that would like to do this commission, please comment with the following:
  • What you can do
  • Your feedback for commissions
  • Your price range

Things you should know:
  • I am allergic to cats so, if you have one, you have to mention it so that I can handle it accourdingly
  • My feedback page
  • Concerning payment, I can pay by paypal or a trade/partial trade can be arranged.
  • In case of trading I ship with tracking and expect the other side to do so too.
Thank you very much for your attention!
Tags: !dt, !wtc, any brand, handmade

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