Cecilia : B (loli_scarecrow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Cecilia : B

DS: 2 things- ear muffs, purse.

♥ I am not responsible for lost packages
♥ Paypal only please
♥ all prices in canadian
♥ I had a cat, so please keep that in mind when purchasing.
♥ All garments have been hand washed
♥ Package will be shipped within 3 days
♥ Please comment or pm me about a shipping quote
feed back
and here

off brand fuzzy ear muffs $6.oo

Ap replica bag $26.oo
Pretty good condition, some small scuff marks on the side

bodyline blouse $25.oo

no more then a 39" bust
34" waist
in pretty good condition, some minor pilling on the inside seaming, some of the pearl paint on button has rubbed off, the two ribbon bows in the front have been cut off from the placket. this one has good lace on it actually.
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand
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