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!DS: introducing milky way ☆ cosmic cuties etsy shop * ~

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~ * please take a second to read my terms etc:

☆ Prices are in USD - ships from san francisco, ca
first come first serve;
you may order here on lj, however: etsy orders take first priority, then those who leave their order & pp address here.
☆ all items are HAND MADE BY ME. please take that into consideration!
☆ i will gladly remake sold items from the shop upon request, if possible; however, i do not take commissions. please message me here or preferably on etsy!
☆ i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason

please take a look at my profile & my etsy shop policies for more information!

FREE shipping in the US & Canada - $1 shipping for the first item anywhere else!
feedback - eglfb / etsy (17+ , 100% pos!)

~ * ☆ * ~

hi cuties!

i am here to introduce our new shop that opened a few weeks ago, milky way ☆ cosmic cuties! we're a brand new shop that's heavily inspired by things like fairy-kei, OTT sweet lolita, cutesy*pop styles and my love of all things space & being a kid in the 80s. some of you may have already seen some of our items floating around tumblr from our shop blog, cosmic cuties; if you haven't feel free to follow the shop blog over there, for anyone who'd like to keep up to date with our newest & upcoming items, specials, and lots of other fun stuff. it's updated quite frequently, almost every day. you can also add us on lj if you prefer, it won't be updated as often but i love to read fun blogs and journals outside of tumblr and interact with the community!

below is a link to our most recent & featured pieces on etsy, go ahead and check it out~ new stuff is being added almost every day, and shipping on all items is free to the US & Canada! i hope you see something you like! ♡ ^ -^

~ * ☆ * ~


.·:*¨¨* ≈☆≈ *¨¨*:·.

sweet heart puffy conversation heart 2 way clip/pin - $14.50

pink x blue - "sweet" / pink x yellow - "cute"

twinkle star shooting star 2-way clip ~*~ $16

yellow / lavender

"wishing star" & "melty wishing star" glittery shooting star necklaces ~ price varies

mint - $15.00

pink $18.50 / yellow $17.50 / lavender $18.50

"wishing star" glittery candy shooting star hairclip ~ $9.00



starry puffy bow barrette with pom poms ~ $10

soda blue (w/o star center)

pink (with star center)

cosmic rainbow sorbet puffy bow ~ $13.50


cosmic rainbow sorbet rings - $9.25

strawberry & raspberry / strawberry & mint

dreamy heart planet rings ~ $7.25

mint / lavender / pink / yellow

lacy sweetheart candy ring ~ $7.25
click for more colors!

pink ~ "yum"

soda blue ~ "doll"

pink ~ "doll"

lacy sweetheart candy necklace ~ pink / "cutie" ~ $16.00

worn * ~

~ * ☆ * ~

way more styles & colors to come; check out the shop for even more adorable stuff not listed here!
thanks for looking! ☆ミ

milky way
sweet things for cosmic cuties
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