smudkip (smudkip) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: no longer looking, thank you!

this is my first post here :)
feedback is here: and i have 453 positive ebay feedbacks as a buyer and seller if anyone needs to see
anyway, i'm looking for a sweet blouse or two. preferably white, off-white, or pink. no black please :) i would prefer bodyline or offbrand, just cant afford brand right now.
my measurements are about 34-30-34 and im looking for blouses with short sleeves or detachable sleeves.

and the bodyline strawberry purse in any color:

note- i'm going to sleep shortly after i post this, so please don't think i'm not interested if i don't reply quickly

Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline, offbrand

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