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DS: Sugary Carnival Full Set (Black)

-All prices in AUD.
-Australian buyers may pay via bank deposit.
- Items will be shipped once money has transferred into my bank account.
- All measurements are amateur.
- All items are cleaned before being sent out.
- Feel free to make offers if you think prices are too high. If there are multiple people interested in one item, it will go to the highest offer. If higher offers are made, sales will not operate on a first come, first serve basis.
- I can do holds but only if there is no one else interested in the item in question and if you put down a 20% non-refundable deposit. In short, no deposit = no hold!
- Invoices must be paid within one day unless something else is arranged. If you commit to buy something and ignore the invoice, I will leave neutral or negative feedback, depending on the situation.
- I try really hard to ship within 5 days of your payment. Sometimes it is harder for me as I don't often get weekdays off and I don't feel comfortable taking my loli with me to post on my lunch break (for fear of me losing it/theft/damages) If it will take longer, I will let you know when I will ship.
Here is my feedback

Sugary Carnival Full Set: $575 OBO

Condition: OP is as new, no faults. I am the second owner of this op, and have only tried it on once.
The condition of the headbow is as new, the condition of the socks is good (maybe worn once, but not by me and clean when they arrived, the "angelic pretty" is still visible on the underside of the sock.)
Measurements: (From Hello Lace: 84.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 34cm shoulder width, 88cm bust, 68cm waist, 17.5cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff
Proof Pic:


I really do not want to split this set. I will only split if I find a buyer for all 3 items first.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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