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SS: Baby the Stars Shine Bright PARIS (Closes 12th July)

Hello everyone,

I'll be in Paris on the 14th to 15th July, so I thought I'd do a shopping service for Baby's store there. I'm limiting the slots to 3 slots for now since I have limited luggage space but that might change depending on the amount and size of the items in the first couple of slots.

Orders close on 12th July. 
3 slots (for now, depends on the amount and size of items ordered).
I do not want to limit how many items one person can order but please be reasonable!
I would prefer not to buy large, bulky, hard to pack items like shoes, bags or parasols, but I'll see what orders come in and see if I think I'll have space. 

I charge 10% commission. Paypal only. UK and EU.
Here is my EGL Feedback.
Price you pay: Total cost of item(s) + 10% commission + shipping.
Payment must be in Great British Pounds and received by 12th July and I will invoice you a second time after calculating shipping.
Refunds will be made if the items are not in store.

Please fill out this form and comment here or PM me.
LJ name:
Real name:
EGL feedback link
Item name & URL:
Picture of item:
Colour and size if applicable:
Total price of items (in Pounds if possible):
Paypal address:

Here's the Btssb Japanese website
Here's Btssbs Paris blog

Feel free to ask any questions! ^^
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