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SS! Reservation for AP "Chess chocolate"

I will try to reserve the Chess chocolate for AP monthly reservation.
(Store reservation)

Some spots are still available!
The series will be super popular more than TOY FANTASY.
So if someone want me to reserve it, I will glad to help you:D
The items will be in stock at the end of July, but the reservation date is unofficial.

I don't know the measurement, please don't ask Xo
And, Please don't PM me, I never accept your request for this series,
if you ordered me via PM.
I will give the spot in order of arriivel!!

OP(27090 yen)  :   Ivory/ Pink/ Mint / Brown  

Bustier JSK (24990yen): Ivory/ Pink/
Mint / Brown  

Jabot JSK (26040yen): Ivory/ Pink/ Mint / Brown  

Low waist JSK (22890yen): Ivory/ Pink/ Mint / Brown  

SK  (16590yen) : Ivory/ Pink/ Mint / Brown  

Half Bonnet (8295 yen): Ivory/ Pink/ Mint / Brown  

Headbow(3465yen):  Ivory/ Pink/
Mint / Brown  

OTKs(2310yen): Ivory/ Pink/
Mint / Brown  

the brown one is Low waist JSK!

OP  with sleeves            

SK                                         bustier JSK

Jabot JSK

The OP: no shirring
The Jabot JSK: Full back shirring
The Bustier JSK: Partial back shirring


Item :

Your Feedback: 

My SS datails are here
and my feedback

and my   DS post

-JPY only
-Paypal only
-You must to pay within 48 hours.
-I will invoice you for deposit  after I was able to make the reservation. 
 3000yen for your reservastion.
I will return the deposit after I received your items!

-These reserations are never 100% garanteed,because of  super crazy order.
-The shop don't accept the cancellation of the reservation with any reasons.
-You should not post , if you did not ready to pay.
-I wii reserve one of each item of each color per spot. (+ Accesory if  necessary)
-You have to order the main piece(JSK, OP, SK), if you want to reserve a accesory,
by AP reservation rule.

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