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!DS: Closet Clearing Part 2 - Accessories! BtSSB, Swimmer, Meta etc.

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* I ship from the UK.

* UK / US SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - for other locations please ask, stating your location.

* Paypal only please

* First person to quote Paypal address or explicitly state serious interest gets first refusal

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* I will hold items for a maximum of 3 days - payment expected within 3 days

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BtSSB Bunny Bear Bag

Bought directly from BtSSB store in Japan. It measures about 17" from head to toe, and can fit a purse, mirror, phone, lipgloss etc. in the pocket, but nothing too large or bulky. It has adjustable straps which can be attached at the top of the head or the neck, depending on how you want to wear the bag, and magnets in the paws.

This has hardly been used and is in excellent condition, almost like new. I've been hanging on to it for sentimental value (it's so cute!) but can't really justify keeping it as I just never use it. Please give it a good home!

More info on Hello Lace

$130 / £75  o.b.o.

Swimmer Heart Bag

Bought directly from Swimmer store in Japan, and in as new condition apart from a little scratch on the zipper pull. 
This bag is huge and can hold lots of things, books, phone, compact umbrella etc. 
It is about 10" high and 4" deep, and is firm/structured so it retains its shape regardless of what is inside.
It's a really awesome bag, but as with my other items, I just don't use it and would rather it went to a loving home!

£30 / $65  

(please note, US shipping is a little higher than usual due to the size of the bag)

BtSSB Bunny Earmuffs

Bought directly from Baby store in Japan in 2009. I have used these a few times but they are still in almost new condition. The only sign of use is that the lace has curled around the band a little in comparison to the new photo above (white earmuffs) - other than that there are no flaws. Again they just don't get used enough to justify keeping them.
£25 / $45 o.b.o. SOLD

Metamorphose White Medium Bloomers

Received directly from Meta in a lucky pack a couple of years ago. They have been worn a few times, but are still in very good condition. Again they just don't get used as I have other bloomers that I prefer wearing. With soft cotton lace.
£10 / $25 SOLD

Metamorphose Short Bloomers

Received in a lucky pack directly from Meta a couple of years ago. Again these have been worn a few times but are still in great condition. They are quite short, and therefore ideal for shorter skirts / hot weather. With soft poly lace.
£8 / $22    SALE PENDING
Offbrand Satin Headbow
This was bought for me as a gift and has never been used, simply because I don't have things to match it. It is a lovely soft satin, with a fine and comfortable headband attached. The colours are truest in the top photo, and would match nicely with a black/red/light blue floral print outfit.
£2 / $5

Gap Cream Owl Tights

Soft cream/ off white cotton tights. I bought these to go with an animal themed outfit that I never got around to completing, so they have never been worn. They are the largest size from the Gap Kids section, so would best fit an XS / S size.
£2 / $5

Offbrand Ankle Decorators

These have never been worn (except for the demo photo above). They are a lovely soft material in delicate pale blue with tiny pink flowers, and would brighten up any blue / sweet lolita / floral outfit. Again, I'd love to justify keeping them but I just haven't used them.
£2 / $5
Offbrand Cream Pattern Tights
Worn once briefly and then washed (and tried on for the above demo photo). In as new condition. These are lovely soft material and have a nice effect when worn, please see the picture of the above item for an example of this. 
£2 / $5  SOLD
****I also still have lots of brand items for sale in my previous post - I am now taking offers for the unsold items here****

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