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Tea and Strumpets

EA: Handmade Skirts, JSKs, and a Dress NOW 10% OFF (July 4 weekend only)



-I am not used to shipping internationally. I have posted a fairly arbitrary $15/$7 international shipping fee on all my sales, but will invoice or refund for shipping differences overseas.
-I have a two-cat home. I try not to let them get at my clothes, but accidents happen. If this is a huge problem, message me and I will wash your order and pop it right into the shipping box.
-All of my clothes are made from 100% cotton unless otherwise noted.
-Don't like the prices? Make me an offer. If I like it, I'll amend the listing and it'll be yours.

July 4th Weekend Only: Get 10% off of your order with the coupon code: JULY42010


Rose Pink Mary Magdalene Replica JSK - $75 + shipping

Light Blue and White Alice JSK - $90 + Shipping

Cream Pintuck-Bib Blouse - $30 + Shipping

Brown and Pink Pinstriped High-Waist Skirt - $75.00 +Shipping

Cream and Black Toile-Print Gathered Skirt - $40 + Shipping

Lavender Gathered A-Line Ruffled Skirt - $25 + Shipping

Burgundy Ruffled Pintucked Gathered Skirt - $30 + Shipping

Black Ribbon A-Line Ruffled Skirt - $25 +Shipping

Red Rose Lace Gathered Skirt - $30 + Shipping

White and Black Floral Vine Gathered Skirt - $40 +Shipping

Green and Pink Sakura Gathered Skirt - $35 +Shipping

Basic Black Shirred JSK - $60 + Shipping

Plum Mary Magdalene Replica White Bibbed Dress - $110 + Shipping

Blue and Black Spiral Gathered Skirt with Black Venice Lace - $25 + Shipping

Lavender and Purple Vine A-Line Skirt - $20 + Shipping

Mods, this is an update of this listing, but the prices have been reduced. I hope this complies with the rules. If not, let me know what I can do to fix it. Thank you.

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