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!DS Baby's, Wigs and free earrings C: Plus links to older sales.

 A few things to keep in mind :]

-Not interested in Trades. I kinda need the money right now ^^""
-Ill ship where ever but US BUYERS ARE PREFERED
-Paypal only please :)
-First to leave paypal gets the item
-Shipping is included for the US and includes tracking! Other places please leave country :)
- Must be paid before I ship
-Prices are in USD
- I own 2 cats but they do not go near my clothes. A few stray hairs may appear. Ill do my best to get them off before I ship!
-Sorry for the bad images, camera is broken at the moment and I am using my phone ^^""

I have 2 pairs of earrings that I will be giving away if you would like them. One is butterfly studs and the other is Hello Kitty short dangles.


On to the Sales!!!

1) Platinum Blonde Long Wig. SOLD
Bought at a convention in October and only wore it twice for less than an hour each time. It is beautiful but I don't use it as much as I should. I have brushed it after each time I have worn it. I cannot remember if it is heat resistance. I am pretty sure it is but I do not remember the seller and can not look it up. 

2) Black long Bob wig $55 Shipped in the US
My first wig. I have only worn it once. It was given to my by a friend and I do not wear it therefore I am selling it. I am not sure if it is heat resistance. I have brushed it. 

3) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Socks: $35 Shipped in US
I bought them to match a jsk I own but they do not match. I have only tried them on. 

Older Sales!

Old School Maxi Pad headdress :

Bodyline Wa Lolita Top and Matching Headress :
Thank you for looking and please ask any questions if needs be :)  I can also provide worn pictures of the wigs if you would like. 
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