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DS: Lots of brand at negotiable prices!


Bow DS: Closet Cleaning! Lots of brand skirts. Bow

 About Me

I live in Georgia, and I will ship to anywhere, wherever you are :3
Paypal transactions only, please!
I'll send an invoice right away, but if it hasn't been
paid promptly I'll sell to the next person in line.

Shipping isn't included, but I can tell you that very quickly. :3 

It is my policy to insure all packages that leave my hands. I hope you have no objection.

International Customers: I'm pleased to say that I've never had problems
with customs charges. If you do receive them I am so so so sorry,
but I do want you to know that I do everything in my power to avoid this
for you so I don't claim responsibility for what they charge;
I take this policy for everyone I sell to. I hope that this isn't a problem for you!

Feel free to ask lots of questions and give me offers of your preferred price~

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Hi ladies!

It's time to make some room in my closet :)

!Shipping is not included! Please let me quote you on that so that I can save you money <3

Bow Skirts Bow

Bow Baby the Stars Shine Bright 2007, Paris Window skirt in black Bow

Click to enlarge

- The skirt is in perfect condition <3 NWOT -
- Gorgeous, elegant colorway, I haven't seen this one around the comm, just lilac and ivory. -
- Absolutely beautiful, meticulously detailed print -
- Sewn-in crinoline -
- Beautiful scalloped flower lace -

- Close-Up -

- Print Detail -

Price: 190 USD OBO

Bow Angelic Pretty 2007, Pearl Bustle skirt in Mint Bow

Click to enlarge 

- This skirt is amazing. Beautiful, heavy fabric is luxurious and colorful. -
- Please note that the some of the photos show the lace to be a different color than the fabric. -
- They're the same delicate mint color. -
- Brand new with tags, never been worn. -

- Close-Up -
- Fabric and Lace Detail -
- Waist Ties -

- Back Bustle -

Price: 185 USD

Bow Angelic Pretty 2007, Rose Toilette skirt in Pink Bow

Click to enlarge

 - Brand new without tags! -
- I'll even root up the swatch and tag and attach them for collectors like me. :) -
- Such a sweet yet elegant color scheme -
- No flaws. Perfect condition. -

Waist Ties -
Print Detail -
Pinned Waist Bow -


Bow Angelic Pretty 2008, Royal Poodle high-waisted skirt in Sax Bow


- Perfect condition -
- Worn only by me on only one occasion -
- Drycleaned and pressed, looks pristine like new -

-Detail Photo-


Bow Etcetera Bow

Bow Classical Puppets Aline (And Cupcake) Petticoat Bow


- This petticoat is sooo great. its full and poofy! -
- I have taken great care of it and still has its amazing original volume. -
- There's a soft cotton liner, but the tulle material is really very soft as well. -
- I took this picture and I said, "Huh. The skirt is resting on the arms of the hanger and that's a little misleading as far as the fullness of the skirt." So I took another... 
and it's just as full haha. I was like 「(゚ペ??) Haha! -

- It came to me with a few factory flaws- here and there are some drops of pink dye. -
- Theres a few that look like this in 
a few places on the tulle, and there is one sole reddish pink drop on the cotton liner. - 

- If you roll the waistband under once it makes a great,
full cupcake shape -

Price: 35 USD

Bow Body Line cute minty-sax pannier Bow


- This is a great little skirt if you just want a casual bit of poof. -
- It's also perfect for a cute fairy-kei skirt! How lovely! -
- Never worn by me, it was much too short for my 5'8" frame X3 This would be better suited for someone 5'5-6" or under :3 -

Price: 25 USD

Bow Swimmer cute poodle comb Bow

- Very big! Perfect condition, never used, just taken out of the package for pictures ;3 -
- On the back, it has a line underneath the pink jewel in the resin that must be just a seam because it's definitely not a crack... just wanted to let you know though! :) -
- Adorable glittery accents with a big, beautiful pink jewel! -

- Alternate Background -
- Poodle :) -

Price: 20 USD

Bow  Please help me get this stuff out of my closet! I'm willing to haggle to see it go, so don't be shy. Bow 
Bow Check the DS in my journal for more :) Thank you! Bow
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