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DS: F+F Stand Collar Blouse [SOLD]

A quick DS! Need money!

- My feedback:
- Paypal only (fees included in the price)
- Shipping included for inside the US; International please inquire with location for shipping estimate.
    - Item will be shipped within the next 1-2 business days after payment. DC will be provided.
- No trades please!
- First come first served
"Stand Collar Long Sleeves Corset Back Blouse (with neckbow)"
by Fan Plus Friend

$40USD SHIPPED in the US
(International customers please inquire with your location)


(Click on images to enlarge)

Size: Ladies 80 (on the website); I forgot to take the measurements down but I have a 34in bust & 27in waist and it fits very comfortably. The website says it can go up to a 36in bust. There is lacing in the back if you need it to go smaller.

Discrepancy: There is a small "mark" (please see photo above) which is NOT a stain - it is merely a piece of dark thread floating around the inside of the blouse. For the location of it, it is located on the neck tie.
I am not sure how one would remove it without deconstructing the blouse. It is sewn in. The price was cut to reflect this (originally $50USD + shipping).

Besides the aforementioned discrepancy, there are no other flaws on the blouse.

This blouse is BRAND NEW WITH TAGS and needs to go to a loving home. I purchased this a while ago and it just sits in the closet. I've only tried it on once. I just don't have anything to wear this with. I hope this blouse can find a home to go to! Please don't hesitate to ask questions! Thank you!
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