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DS:Some Closet Cleaning! BtSSB, Meta, CV, ITS, Offbrand, Hand made, Naoto.

Feedback: 36+ here
Shipping from the US! All prices include US shipping.

These things really, really need to get out of my closet! A few of them have been in storage for literally years so, please, if you don't like the price, make me an offer!

All sold items in this post have been shipped out today! I was a couple days late in shipping because I forgot that monday was a holiday so it sort of threw my week off, sorry about that :P

Please excuse my messy bookshelf in the background!

BTSSB Alice Portrait Pearl JSK. 
Like new condition, I have worn this once for only enough time to take some pictures of it. It's simply too short in the torso for me. Completely gorgeous dress though! It even has card suit lace along the bottom hem!
Measurements are accurate, includes waist bow and waist ties, I just don't store them on the dress and forgot to take a picture of it! Doesn't include the ribbon that laced up in the lace on the back of the dress, since I took it out and have lost it, it was just black ribbon though.

ITS Pampered Poodle Skirt

Like new, never worn, just been hanging around my dresser for a while! I might have a matching headbow to go with it, I just have to find it.
Waist, about 31", no elastic. Length, 21" from top of waistband to bottom of lace
Hand made country/classic dress
$25 OBO
Bust, about 35-40" Waist, about 30-35"
I bought this off the comm_sales some months ago. It's OK condition, by no means great, but it is indeed wearable and has serged seams and is not falling apart or anything like that! The fabric is just a bit thin, the stitching done in pink, and it has some newbie-ish construction quirks. 
DAMAGED Candy Violet Card Skirt
$25 OBO
Waist about 32" can go a couple inches smaller due to corset lacing on the back. Wouldn't suggest an less than 30"
This has only been worn once by me, but it has somehow managed to get a few little stains on it, I am assuming they ended up on there because it has been kicking around in storage for a number of years. I don't know if these can be washed out, but you can certainly try, they are not completely noticeable. I only noticed the stains on ruffles when I was inspecting it to post for sale.
Stain #1 There is a little drop on the front, near one of the appliques
Stain #2, in two places along the top of the ruffle there is discoloration and a few little speckles from it rubbing up against something, this is in two places on opposite sides of the skirt.
DAMAGED Meta Marine Border JSK SOLD
$45 OBO
Fully shirred. Fit me at a 40" bust and 30" waist very comfortably! Both waist and bust could probably stretch another 6" comfortably, 50" max.
I bought this maybe 2 years ago on the sales comm and when I received it it was much more worn than originally stated, the fabric was very dingy and the gathers on the shirring were yellowed, it was also missing waist ties and I guess some kind of lining/detachable petticoat (I didn't know that this dress had such a thing even, in any case, it is unlined as is). A couple washes later the yellowing came out but I still feel as if this dress is never going to be as good as new. The fabric has that "been washed" fuzzy feel to it, and it is a bit limp and sad all around. Because of this I turned the tie straps into regular straps, but they are hand stitched together, although the stitches are small and neat (photo of that ).

Black Orchid JSK
Waist 30" Bust 40" fabric has a little bit of stretch to it.
Sorry about the wrinkles! This is another dress that has sat in storage for years! While this is a store bought off-brand dress, it's very cute! It can't fit a full petti, but it definitely can fit a light tulle petti. Close up of lace on hem.

Black Peace Now "ripped" sweater
Rather large size with a lot of stretch to it, could go up to a 40" bust.
This isn't really ripped! But it's been knitted to look like it has been. The rips are perfectly safe and aren't going to turn into bigger rips or anything like that. Photo of the "rips". This sweater also features extra long sleeves!

Front detail
H.Naoto Dark Red Rum Cutsew
Quite large and meant to be worn loose. About 43" bust.
Long tail things on the side of the top can be work hanging down, or tied up, or tied around.  I usually took the front ones and brought them around to the back to tie them!

Pink tartan Putumayo jacket.
Print Closeup
Bust, max 40" but not really recommended as it's too tight in the shoulders if you max it out. 
Awesome print! It features crowns, poison bottles, syringes, and all sorts of stuff like that. Has a swallow tail back and corset lacing on the sides.
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