Emily (emiiri) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Innocent World Headdress, Westmend Black Blouse, Secret Shop Milky-chan sock

* Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/440361.html
* I am happy to ship internationally! Please note that for international shipping, I go to the post office on Saturdays.
* Domestic shipping can be done directly from my apartment (huzzah online label printing!) and will generally ship the next day. :)
* Paypal only, please!

Innocent World Headdress
Innocent World White Rose Headdress
In perfect condition. :)
$30 shipped in the US, $33 elsewhere

Westmend Blouse
Westmend Black Blouse
Made of a lightweight material, with a light lining as well. :) Still has tags on!
Best suited for a bust of 36" or less.

Secret Shop Milky-chan Socks
Secret Shop Milky-chan Socks in Black
New, never worn. :)
$15 shipped in the US, $18 elsewhere

Tags: !ds, innocent world, secret shop
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