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Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ

DS: Angelic Pretty milky planet skirt in black+socks,Milky chan replica beret, chocomint accessories

Hello everyone:)
Since i'm leaving partial leaving lolita im selling another print

My feedback is here:
I ship from the i prefer European buyers
but i will ship international as well:) Though, this is more expensive.

I'm selling my milky planet skirt in black+socks.
This was my dreamskirt but i never wore it. The tags are still on it.
I'm the second owner but it's still like new because me and the other owner never wore it.
It also includes the socks. Only tried on. No stains or rips!
I paid alot for this set because i had to pay 80 euros of customs.
So i want to sell it for 300 euros shipped within Europe (this does not include tracking)

46cm length
63~73cm waist

Stock picture

My picture:

The star night theater skirt is already sold!!

Other sales:

Milky chan replica beret (white

Chocomint accessories and MMP headbow:

Please ask for the prices of the items:D

I also have some lovely gothic lolita boots in black. Size 26/26,5

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, offbrand
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