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DS/DT: All items discounted! Btssb prints: mother goose, rose candle, ice cream, alice looking glass



- Location is Auckland, New Zealand
- Feedback here
- Paypal ONLY
- No pets, non smoking.
- Serious offers only
- Measurements taken lying flat then doubled - not very professional at this, sorry!

Shipping Information:
- I ship from New Zealand
- I can ship immediately
- Not responsible for damages or if package is lost
- Please let me know if you have specific sending instructions
- Not responsible for customs fee

My proof will be the pale tartan checked sheets :)

BTSSB Mother Goose's Starry Night Sky JSK CREAM
Partially shirred, detachable waist ties

Note: Beige in colour ^^ second photo but about half a shade darker.

Bust: Up to 93cm
Waist: Up to 78cm (absolute max is 80)
Length: 90cm from top of strap, including lace at hem.

Condition: Good condition, no flaws - needs an iron : P
Price: US $245 shipped $260 shipped (normally $13)

BTSSB Rose Candle Flocky OP PINK
Fully lined, fully shirred, detachable waist ties, elastic sleeves, detachable front bow.

Note: Colour in the first and second photos is more accurate. The fabric is a very light and soft mesh, with chandelier designs in flocky.

Bust: Up to 130cm (it's fully shirred, so it can go even higher)
Waist: Up to 120cm (it's fully shirred, so it can go even higher)
Length: 91cm (can stretch longer)

Condition: Excellent condition, only been tried on.
Price: US $235 + free shipping $250 + free shipping (normally $15)

Partially shirred, detachable waist ties, cross over (and adjustable) straps, halter straps, fully lined, scalloped hem.

Note: Colour in the close up picture of the back shirring is the most accurate colour. The straps are attached to the dress by hidden buttons, they can be adjusted by changing buttonholes.

Bust: Up to 100cm
Waist: Up to 80cm
Length: 83cm from top of bodice (not including the length of the straps - it's adjustable)

Condition: Excellent condition, only been tried on.
Price: US $205 + free shipping $220 + free shipping (normally $15)

BTSSB Alice and the looking Glass of time JSK BLACK
- sparkly flocky print, tulle lace, detachable waist ties, adjustable pearl straps, fully lined, removable front bow, partially shirred.

Note: Pearl straps are adjustable. Black x black, but i lightened the pictures so you could see the comparison.

Picture of me wearing the OP version for comparison:

Bust: up to 94cm
Waist: up to 78cm
Length: 93cm (straps are adjustable though!)

Condition: Excellent condition, never been worn.
Price: US $262 + free shipping $275 + FREE shipping (normally costs over $15 USD)

Innocent World - Pink Rose Lace OP
- fully lined, detachable waist ties, detachable sleeves, original sales tag.

Note: Absolutely BRAND NEW. With the original sales tag and safety pin.

Bust: up to 91cm
Waist: up to 73cm
Length: 95cm from top of shoulder

Condition: Brand new condition.
Price: US $165 + free shipping $175 + FREE shipping (normally it would cost about $15 USD)

Innocent World Box Pleated Bow JSK GREY
- box pleats, fully lined, easily adjustable straps.

Note: Very light and soft to the touch. The straps are attached to the dress by a single button at the back, so they are really easy to alter.

Bust: 90cm
Waist: 74cm
Length: 92cm from top of strap. Can be adjusted easily - as mentioned by straps.

Condition: Excellent condition, never been worn. (Just a bit wrinkly >.<)
Price: US $145 + free shipping $155 + free shipping

Putumayo short sleeved skull hoodie SOLD

Black Peace Now Double Belted Jacket BLACK
- Removeable belts, expandable wrists (zips).

Note: true black, i lightened the photos to show detail ^^

Bust: Really REALLY hard to say. It's almost free because of the design of the coat. Please ask if you're uncertain, but up to 110 should be fine.
Waist: Up to 84cm (fabric is a little bit stretchy, can go higher)
Length: 96cm from shoulder to hem.

Condition: Excellent condition, never worn.
Price: US $175 shipped $190 shipped (normally $20)

Black Peace Now: Black halter neck w/ corsetting SOLD

Hell Cat Punks: Tartan Corset JSK
- corsetting, fully lined, pleated

Note: Sizing is totally up to how tight or loose you do the corsetting.
Tag: Size M

Condition: Excellent, no faults at all.
Price:US $49 + free shipping (usually $15)
US $80 + free shipping

Heart E: Cross emblem cutsew BLACK - SOLD

Payment plans and holds are available, but please note that without a deposit, priority goes to whoever can pay first ^^""

Trades: I will only trade for brand skirts and goods (parasols, cups/plates, wallets).
Please do not offer OPs, JSKs, non-brand and bags/shoes/socks. Thank you ^^"""

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, heart e, innocent world, peace now, putumayo
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