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Overbust corset DS/NWT

My Feedback:

The corset is new in the plastic bag it came in. I have a double of it, so if you want more photos I can do that.
I have 3 cats. (This should be no problem because it has never been out of the bag.)
I will meet up if you are in the NYC area.
I will charging you shipping. (I can let you know how much that will be as soon as I know.)
I will most likely ship with on a Monday-Thursday after I get payment.
I am not responsible if lost in the mail
I will not ship over seas

Price $70 + shipping (Feel free to make me an offer.)
Size: 22in (Fits best on a 24-26in waist.)
•1/2" Steel bones throughout
•100% Organic Cotton lining
•Modesty panel
•Heavy lacing
•Sweetheart shape neck line
•15" corset front & back
•Improve posture
•6 suspender loops (hidden inside the corset)

From site I got the corset:

My photos:
As you can see the corset is in the plastice
Pattern detail.
Proof I have both.
Worn Please note the corset is very loose in this photo and was put on quickly. (I'm sorry t is upside down.)

If you wish to order fill this out please:
Paypal, check or cash: (If you send cash and it is lost in the mail it is not my fault. I will also send the corset once I get the money. For check once it is cashed)
Location: (So I know what shipping will cost. If you want to do a meet up let me know here.)
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