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!DA: Handmade AP Bunny Pocket Replica

The pirate code:
~Paypal only, please!
~I don't smoke, but I do have a dog in the house, in case anyone is allergic.
~I have feedback on ebay under mylittlewolfie, and on eglfeedback   here
~I will ship as soon as I possibly can get to the post office after receiving payment.
~Please let me know if you have any questions!

I made this skirt a couple of years ago, and I just can't foresee myself wearing it much any more. I'm doing an auction and starting the price very low because the quality of the construction on this is nowhere near professional so I have no idea what people would be willing to pay for this (if anything), but I'd rather sell it to someone who will wear it than let it sit around in my closet.

Please note that the suspenders are not included.

The hem is scalloped, the lace on the top layer has little hearts, and the bunny faces are open on top so that you can actually use them as pockets.

This skirt looks fine on the outside however, as you can see by the following pictures the construction of this skirt is sub-par. Hence the very low starting bid. (stating it again so I don't surprise anybody...)

I didn't have enough of the red for the under-layer at the time, so I filled in with black that I had laying around. :/

The zipper doesn't quite lay flat, but it is not terribly obvious when it is worn.

The lace overlaps a bit awkwardly here. This picture is also the truest to the color of the skirt.


Waist: 27in absolute max the waist band has no shirring
Length: 22in from top of waist band to bottom of lowest scallop

Auction Closed. Winning Bid is $5.50 by yumyumprinny 
Please bid at least in $.50 increments. Comment with your location if you would like a shipping estimate. The bidding will end Sunday (7/3) at 11pm EST.
Again, if you have any questions please ask!
Tags: !da, handmade
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