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!DS: 15 Tea Cup Hair Clips angelic pretty head band !DT: Angelic Pretty wristcuffs

Hello everyone! today is my first part of inventory clear out! i just got finished running my very own booth at a convention ad i had some left overs i need gone! the prices are lower because i just have no room for everything >~<

I take Paypal only
shipping in the US is 3.50$ for a tea cup and 2.00$ for everything else
International shipping for tea cups is 5.00$ and 3.00$ for everything else
I do offer combined shipping


~1~ Angelic Pretty Headband Off of Jewelry jelly Head bow lavender

this may seem like a weird sale but i just can not wear headbands so sniped the tiny thread holding the head bow on the  headband and ow only use the bow if you would like a picture of the bow to prove its authentic id gladly take a picture c: now sense this dosent come for sale often or maybe ever please make an offer you feel is fair c:
i never did wear the headband

~2~ Worn Tea Cup Clip made to match Angelic Prettys Jewelry Jelly 13.00$
made to match my jj dress i wore it for about 8 hours and on a brand new wig so it never really touched real hair

~3~ Tea Cup Clips 16$ each
each clips is OOAK you wont find them any where else heres a picture to get a feel of what the size of it is:(please excuse the derpy faces)

each one has an alligator clip attached to the bottom they are very light weight and work best with hair that is styled apposed to flat hair
~1~ dark blue w/ pink rose
~2~ hot pink w/ choco bar
3 pink w/ pony
4 yellow w/ deery lou
5 light pink w/ heart chip and rhinestones
6 light blue w/ bunny
7 light pink w/ cherry heart chip
8 light pink w/ wing heart
9 pink w/ bow and skull
10 magenta w/ bows
11 light pink w/ black bows
12 light pink w// blue
13pink w/ sweets
14 pink w/ white heart sprinkles
15pink w/ sparkle rose & heart

if you would like to see more pictures of any of the cups please ask! as well as any other questions!

brand new angelic  pretty wrist cuffs in lavender
these wrist cuffs have a pretty floral design they where more of an impulse buy as i needed them asap that i dident realize they would not go with my dress sadly .
so i would like to trade them for the angelic pretty wrist cuffs with the bow lace in lavender or pink
if not im looking to get 40$ for them

Thanks so much for looking!
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