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Usaku (aka Leliel)

WTB: SF BTSSB/AATP Shopping Service

Hi all.. I hope that it's OK I post here for this. I just visited Baby on Saturday. I purchased a dress I loved to pieces, but had to leave behind a few things I still really would like to own. Just my luck, they just announced that they would be posting special deals each day this week on Twitter. I live in Sacramento and work 8-5:30pm, so there's no way I could make it to the store in time to purchase if one of my wishlist items were to go on sale.

If you live in SF and would be willing to pop in to Baby for me on short notice, pending sale announcements, please post your terms. I will be in SF Japantown on Saturday and could meet to pick up my items. I will PM with details of what I am looking for (it could be a JSK, a skirt, and possibly socks, and a headbow, depending on the sale). Quantities of the items are low, so I would love to communicate via text message throughout the week as sales are announced, and can pay via paypal (direct withdrawl with no fees) or cash/check when I pick up the items.

I just requested a feedback thread from the EGL mods yesterday, so I don't have any EGL feedback yet, but you can check my eBay profile here:

Thank you so much!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright
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