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DS URGENT: AaTP, BTSSB, Putumayo, h.Naoto

 I accept Paypal.
 Payer must pay the fees (
 Not interested in trade.
 Prices are negotiable.

 I have two cats and my dad smoke 

Alice and the Pirates - Beauty and the Rose Promise, RedxBlack
250$USD + 20$USD shipped in Canada and USA + PPfees



Length: 93cm
Bust: 90cm~100cm
Waist: 80cm~ 90cm

Worn twice with a cutsew under.
I'm 5"7 and it hits just below the knee.
I lost one of the button for the back ribbon, I ordered black shaped rose buttons.
They haven't got home yet, but as soon as I receive them I'll sew them on, unless you are in a hurry, I'll just drop them with the dress!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Black Satin Headbow
40$USD shipped in Canada and USA + PPfees

  How it looks when worn 

Worn twice for short period of time.
Like new.

Putumayo - Dinosor Hoodie (Green/Turquoise)
80$USD + 16$USD shipped in Canada and USA + PPfees

 Details shots took by me ~ Details Stock Pictures ~ Stock Picture 

FLAT AMATEUR measurements:
Length front: shortest - 67cm / longest 75cm
Length back: 91cm
Width: 46cm
Sleeve: 67cm
Shoulder width: 39cm

Worn once with a t-shirt under.
Awesome design and can fit a lot of silhouette
Bought new.

h.Naoto (Channel H) - Weird Hoodie
65$USD + 16$USD shipped in Canada and USA + PPfees

 Details pictures ~ Stock Pictures 

FLAT AMATEUR measurements:
Length: 60cm
Width: 47cm
Sleeve length: 39cm
Shoulder width: 39,5cm

Worn a couple of time.
In good condition, no flaws or damage
The red thingy plush can be removed and the triangle claw in the hood can be removed as well.

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