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DS / DT: Closet Cleanout, everything must go for my dream dress. Meta, BtssB, AP, Atelier Pierrot

- I have positive feedback on egl feedback
- I live in Germany
- Shipping is not included
- I'm not resposnible for lost or damaged packages
- I live in a pet and smoke free home
- Prices are in Euro
- All prices are negotiable

1. Atelier Pierrot OP: 210€

Only worn once. Nice dark red dress with golden cameoprint and bustle back. Detachable Bows are included. Really nice dress not only for Lolita.
It's nearly freesize due fullshirring.
Price: 210€

2. Angelic Pretty Velveteen Set (Will not split): 230€ 180€

This set includes the headbow and the dress. Really lovely velveteen dress in a raspberry colourway. Only worn twice, it's like new.
Measurements: 90cm length, 90cm bust, 70cm waist, 13cm sleeve length
Price: 230€

3. DoL Happy Garden Set: 110€ 80€

Only worn once. I've decoarted the bag and the bows with some nice perals and roses, if you wish to it can be easily removed. It's the lavender colour but as you can see it's more pinkish than lavender :(.
Measurements: bust: 78 - 93 cm, waist: 60 - 75 cm, length: 90 cm
Price: 110€

4. Baby the stars shine Bright Pure Princess OP: 220€

Only worn once, like new. Really lovely white dress with much lace. The rose is also included (forgot to put it in the picture).
Measurements: bust: 90cm, waist:  74cm, length: 95cm
Price: 220€

5. Baby the stars shine Bright Jacket: 100€ 80€

New, never worn. Has Waistties but one button is missing, I'm pretty sure it arrived without this button =(.
Missing button.
Measurements: bust: 94cm, waist: 78cm, length: 54cm, sleeves: 61cm
Price: 100€

6. An*tai*na Shoes: 45€

Nice AP Replica shoes in lavender. Only worn for one meetup.
Details 1.
Details 2.
Size: 25cm
Price: 45€

7. Bodyline AP Replica OP: 65€ 55€

Only worn once, like new. It's sold out on the Bodyline website. Has a nice Bustleback!
Measurements: bust:  76 - ?? (nearly fressize due fullshirring in the back), waist: 66 - ?? (nearly fressize due fullshirring in the back), length: 96cm
Price: 65€

8. Metamorphose JSK: 45€

Bought used, never worn by me. Really nice casual dress in green.
Measurements: bust: 82cm, waist: 74cm, length: 90cm
Price: 45€

9. Mango Casual Dress: 25€

Never worn mango dress. It has really nice lace and a piettcoat can be worn underneath.
Measurements: length: 83cm, bust: 80-90cm, waist: 70cm
Price: 25€

10. Alice and the Pirates Bonnet: 50€

Really nice black and white Fullbonnet with a big bow in the back (left one on this picture). Never worn.
Price: 50€

11. h.Naoto Bonnet: 50€ 45€

Nice Fullbonnet with polkadots and rabbit ears (right one on this picture). Never worn.
Price: 50€

12. Baby the stars shine Bright Bonnet with lacing and roses: 40€

Really nice blue and white Halfbonnet with detachable roseclips. Only worn once.
Price: 40€

13. Momo jia Bonnet: 30€

Nice white Halfbonnet. Worn twice.
Price: 30€

Trades: I'm open for trades, I'm mostly interested in trading for the following pieces but you can offer me everything you have as long as it isn't bright pink =):
1. AatP Queen's Coach Bonnet in ivory
2. AatP Queen's Coach Bag in ivory
3. AatP Queen's Coach Necklace in gold or antique gold
4. Coach Bag in pink or white
5. BtssB Little Red Riding Hood Cardigan in ivory, black or red
6. BtssB Pure Princess Cape in black.
7. BtssB Pure Princess Rose Headpiece in black.
8. BtssB Secret Cake Factory Totebag in brown or white.
9. BtssB Marie Antoinette Bag in navy.
10. White BtssB / AatP Blouse with Jabot
11. Blouse in mint colourway
12. Long Brandbloomers in offwhite.

Thanks for looking <3.

1. WTB: Queen's Coach Stuff.
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