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DS Kidsyoyo JSK and DT Blooming Garden Tulle JSK

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White Kidsyoyo JSK- SOLD

I really, really do love this dress, but I've stopped kidding myself. The bodice is a bit too short on my torso, which makes it look too short overall. :( It's in great condition, and looks great worn as lolita or as a regular sundress. Also, doesn't have the bow on the strap like the stock photo does. I did not receive that, so I dunno.

For it to fit comfortably and look good, I'd say the measurements are:
Bust- 34in max
Waist- 30in max
Dress is 85cm long.



Blooming Garden Tulle JSK in Black.

This print is even more gorgeous than the stock photo implies. Lots of beautiful details on the print, as well as buttons along the stomach and tiny decorations along the collar.
Hellolace says 86~100cm bust, 74~85cm waist, but I'm going to say it's quite a bit less than that. 74cm waist would be the max without being really uncomfortable and stuffed looking, and 94cm for the bust. Really great for taller lolis, as it is 98cm long.

I am NOT looking to sell this, so please don't ask. I am looking to trade or have a partial trade with this dress. This is my wishlist:, but feel free to drop some offers!
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