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!DS or !DT: AATP Rose Marine Jsk (with tags!)

Hi all~ 

I have this gorgeous AATP Rose Marine JSK up for either sale or trade! This JSK was never worn(wouldn't fit) and still has its original tags, but I seemed to have misplaced the bow that attaches at the collar edit* found the bow!!. Other than that, this dress is in perfect condition!

My feedback link: Clickyclicky

Alice and the Pirates Rose Marine JSK - Saxon Blue (150 + shipping or direct trade ^__^)
Suggested Measurements: Nothing over a 34 bust, and a 28 waist. This would also better suit lolitas of 5' 5 and below since its pretty short. ^___^ 

Stock Photos

Hello Lace Reference: 

Proof photos:

Additional photos: 1, 2
Flaws: As previously mentioned, the stock photo has a white bow that attaches at the collar, but I seemed to have misplaced that and cannot find it!  edit* found the bow!! Other than that, it's perfect!

I'm looking for trades or partial trades for things only from BTSSB or AATP.  
My wishlist items are: 
  • Jewel Tree Bouquet
  • Lovely Sweet Room
  • Princess Honey's Tea Salon
However, I'm open to all BTSSB or AATP items including blouses and other things,~ Thank you~
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright
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