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DS: Lolita Closet Clearing-out Sale

**Please read ALL of the information below**

Rules of Sale

Purchasing/ General Information
* All prices are in USD.
* If you are interested in an item, please leave a comment stating: (1) The name(s) of the item(s) you want; (2) Your country (plus zipcode if within the USA); (3) Type of shipping you would like.
* Please note that ALL items will be sold AS IS and that all sales are final.
* Items come from a smoke-free household.
* I take only PayPal payments - no money orders, concealed cash, etc.
* I will allow up to 48 hours for a buyer to respond to an invoice, or otherwise contact me about the sale. After that, transactions will have to be canceled.
* PayPal feesARE included in the pricing, but shipping charges ARE NOT.
* Any flaws in items are noted in the descriptions, and all items are described to the best of my abilities.
* If you would like to make an APPROPRIATE offer/ haggle a price a little, you are welcome to ask. (Though please refrain from trying to request a price exceedingly lower than my original requested amount.)
* I do NOT take payment plans.
* If a first buyer does not arrange payment within 48 hours after the sale, the sale will them go to the second interested buyer.
* PayPal payments should be sent to: machibaby [at] yahoo [dot] com.

* I ship from NY, USA and will ship internationally.
* I will list shipping quotes for individual items below each item. These quotes will be only for Priority
shipping (using flat-rate boxes) within the USA WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION included. If you want additional shipping services, please mention it. If you want special packing methods, please also mention it. If you do not request anything other than general shipping I will ship via the most basic methods. I claim no responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages since shipping WILL INCLUDE delivery confirmation. Once I've shipped items, they become the responsibility of the USPS. So PLEASE do tell me if you would like any additional shipping services when stating your intent to buy so your package can be shipped to your liking AND I can give an accurate shipping quote. :)
* Priority flat-rate box shipping includes the cost of packing materials, but any other methods will not. Please note that shipping costs will be adjusted for items in different packaging (so shipping costs could be less or more depending on cost of requested packaging).
* I recommend that, even though shipping will be more expensive, that international buyers request some kind of tracking along with their purchase(s).
* Priority shipping estimates below each item are for DOMESTIC (within USA) only. International shipping will be more expensive.
* Items will be shipped out within 1-3 days after payment has been received and has transferred to my back account.
* I can also combine items into one shipment- so please ask if you would like to do this.

* My feedback can be found: here & here. (Under username of 'pierrotseven'.)
* My egl_comm_sales feedback page can be found here.

Thank you for reading~

Midsummer Night's Bonnet SOLD!
(Victorian Trading Co.) 

$30.00 USD

Midsummer Night's Bonnet - Stock Photo

(Stock Photo)


Description: A light-weight hat perfect for classical coordinates. It is accented with a dusky pink rose, and embroidered chiffon. It has only been worn a couple times. Originally sells for $44.99.

Item Worn: (1); (2)

Basic Shipping Estimate: $15.75 (includes delivery confirmation)

Victorian Velveteen Bonnet

(Mary Magdalene) 

$195.98 USD

Stock Image - Brown

(Stock Photos)


Description: Bonnet is in black and has never been worn - it has spent it's entire time with me in a hat box. It has a removable flower corsage, and ties at the neck. The brim of the hat is also not overly large - as can be seen from stock images. It is lightweight and made of lovely materials- the front ribbon having a black on black dotted pattern. This item was reserve only.

More Detail Shots: (Inside Brim); (Flower Corsage)

Basic Shipping Estimate: $15.75 (includes delivery confirmation)

Chiffon JSK

$134.19 USD

Stock Image
(Stock Photo)


Description: This chiffon jsk is in cream/ antique white and not red/ burgundy as shown in the stock image. I am the second owner of this jsk and it came to me without the ribbon ties at the neck. Personally, I have only worn this item about 4 times. The dress has removable ribbon ties, and is made of the lightweight chiffon that makes it appropriate for warmer months. Also, it looks lovely with or without a blouse. The dress itself has some spots where there is slight, almost unnoticable discoloration- which are noted in the detail photos. It also has an internal petticoat - photos of it on the dress form show it with only a small petticoat beneath.

More Detail Shots: (Hem, Ruffles, and Tucks); (Slight Discoloration - 1); (Slight Discoloration - 2); (Slight Discoloration  - Small of Back); (Slight Discoloration - Back)

Being Worn: (1); (2)

Basic Shipping Estimate: $11.75 (includes delivery confirmation)
Myrtine JSK
(Mary Magdalene)


Stock Image - Pink Stock Image- Back
(Stock Photos)


Description: This dress is from a 2005 collection and the one for sale is the 'rose' color version. It has an invisible zipper at the side, and both front ribbons are detachable. The back of the dress also has lacing with a ribbon. The dress itself is made of corduroy, twill and chiffon georgette fabrics; and is lined. It also has lovely tulle lace along the hemline and pearl buttons on the bodice. The dress is lovely with or without a blouse, and I found it to work well for most seasons. This dress was bought used, and I believe had only one previous owner. I have worn it about 3 times myself. The only flaws with this dress is the slight discoloration at the armholes (shown in detail photos). Because of the fabric it's made of, the measurements given should be understood to be the MAX possible. Also, a petticoat worn beneath shows the prettiness of this classic dress in its full light.

More Detail Shots: (Hem, Lace, Tucks and Pleats); (Slight Discoloration - 1); (Slight Discoloration - 2); (Dress Laying Flat)

Measurements: ~35 length, ~34in bust, ~28in waist

Being Worn: (1); (2); (3); (4)

Basic Shipping Estimate: $11.75 (includes delivery confirmation)

Rose OTK Socks SOLD!


Description: Over-the-knee socks from Metamorphose that have never been worn. They are a light pink with, darker pink and red roses on them.

Basic Shipping Estimate: $5.75 (includes delivery confirmation)

Cherry Pie Headband
(Cute Salad/ Vivicore)


Cherry Pie Alice Bow - Stock Photo

(Stock Photo)


Description: A hand-made item purchased from Cute Salad- which would explain the difference in color of the cherries. The product itself is indeed the same as sold by the company. It is a sweet headband with a small bow, and the main pattern of the fabric is white polkadots on red. It is perfect for any sweeter or country-style coordinate. It has only been worn a couple times- there is a small amount of wear on a bit of the lace on the inner edge of the headband. Originally sells for $25.00.

Item Worn: (1)

Basic Shipping Estimate: $6.00 (includes delivery confirmation)

Tea Party Shoes (Model 9807) SOLD!
(Secret Shop)


Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes - Stock Photo

(Stock Photo)


Description: White Secret Shop Tea Party shoes that I have only worn a couple times- they had one previous owner. The only wear on them is on the inside where the logo is slightly worn, and on a small part of the heel where the rubbing of shoes together left a small white mark. Otherwise, the shoes are in good condition :)

Detail Shots: (Inside of Shoes); (Heels)
Size: M (23.5cm)

Basic Shipping Estimate
: $11.75 (includes delivery confirmation)

Thanks for looking!

(And please remember to read the rules of sale before purchasing/ expressing interest. Please note that "basic shipping estimates" include cost of delivery confirmation, and are not estimates for international shipping.)

(Graphics from Queen's Free World)

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