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DS: Metamorphose OP, BL bloomers, and off-brand socks!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Please read before commenting:

~ My feedback:
~ I accept payment via Paypal.
~ I'm interested in trades, but ONLY for classic items. Here's my wishlist, for some ideas.
~ I come from a non-smoking house.
~ I have a dog, but she is a poodle and thus hypoallergenic.
~ Please ask for shipping costs to your area.

And now for the clothes!

Metamorphose High Waist Frill Pinafore OP and Apron set: $160

Proof without Apron:
Detail of

Measurements:  The front is shirred, so I'd say it could fit at least a 37" bust, 28" waist. HOWEVER, it may not be flattering at that size. I have a 36" bust, and it doesn't look very good on me. :/ As for the minimum measurements, I'd say around a 33" bust would be right.

Other: The tiny detachable bows on the collar were lost while I was traveling, so unfortunately those are not included (the price reflects that). As another possible defect, the apron of this OP doesn't have the bow that you can see in the stock picture. The apron was like that when I received the OP, so it could either be that the bow was lost before this OP was sold to me, or that the stock picture is a slightly different version of the OP than the one I have.

Bodyline Bloomers: $20

Stock picture:

Measurements: According to Lolibrary, the waist goes from 22 to 36 inches.

Other: These were a gift, but my style has since moved away from sweet and pink, so I've never worn them. Also, because these were a gift, I'm not sure of the original price. I tried not to overprice them, but if they were originally $10, please let me know!

Offbrand socks: $7.50 each (or, if you buy the bloomers, one pair for free!)

Close up of argyle socks:
Close up of rose-print socks:

Other: Similar to the bloomers, these no longer suit my style and are just taking up room in my drawers. Please take them off my hands! If you buy the bloomers, you can choose one pair of the socks as a free gift. :)

Thank you!
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