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!DS/DT: Angelic Pretty, Body Line, Gabal Story, Sweet-Like-You, Offbrand

Terms & Conditions
- I ship from Germany, worldwide
- Prices are in Euros
- Payment via PayPal (add 1.9% fees for EU / 3.9% for worldwide) or bank transfer (only EU)
- The first person that clearly states to buy gets the item
- I can do payment plans and holds, but only with a deposit of 20% that's not refundable
- Please ask for shipping costs (Important!: Please let me know if you want tracking and / or insurance.)
- I can devalue your package and mark it as a gift, just let me know which amount you want (Important!: Your item is only insured up to the amount that's written on the package!)
- I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items! No refunds! If you want to be on the safe side, please choose tracking and / or insurance
- Item will be shipped within two days after payment
- The given measurements are absolutely amateur! I stretched the items to their absolute maximum, so please be cautious!
- I don't smoke and have just little pets in cages
- Feel free to ask questions or for more photos (but I can't take worn ones, sorry)
- (Partial) Trades are welcomed! Please look at my Wishlist. I might be interested in other items, too.
- I have positive feedback at EGLFeedback and on eBay


Angelic Pretty Shiro Dress
I'm the second owner and it's never worn by me. It's a really gorgeous dress with a built-in petticoat that poofs a lot. It has sewn on waist ties and two bows in the front, the lower one is detachable. The sleeves are detachable, too. It's fully shirred and fits a lot of sizes. The used lace is out of cotton, the back is ruffled beautifully. There's a slight discolouration on the inside of the neck and some really small brown stains at the upper part of the right sleeve. Both defects are not noticeable when worn.

Bust: 68 - 120cm
Waist: 62 - 110cm (can be made smaller with the waist ties)
Length: 87cm

Price: 135€ 120€ - On hold

Gabal Story Choco Brown Wig
It's brand-new! I really like it but my hair has a similar colour, so I don't need it. It's really soft and heat resistant.

Price: 35€

Proof picture

Sweet-Like-You Pink Headbow
It's made by a German indie-brand. It's really big with beautiful cotton lace. There are slight discolourations at the upper parts of the alice band and the middle part of the ribbon. They are not noticeable when worn.

Price: 18€ 15€

Body Line Heart Socks
I wore them for one day, they are knee-high. They have a beautiful heart design and cotton lace at the bottom. After I washed them there appeared slight discolourations at the lace and the ribbons, not really noticeable.

Price: 12€ 8€

Offbrand Piano Socks
These are brand-new and knee-high. With a beautiful piano design. I bought them to match my Body Line JSK, but since I'm selling it, I have no need for them.

Price: 18€

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, bodyline, offbrand

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